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Review of my piece Three Angry Australian's (Apocalypse Theatre Company)

"3 Angry Australians by Tania Cañas is a very funny out take on the truth of the complexity of the individual and the overwhelming conviction that the question of asylum is one of human rights and freedom of speech, not a question of the good or bad nature of the asylum seeker themselves. If asylum seekers are refused because it is assumed they will become an economic burden, 3 Angry Refugees toys with this notion by revealing the fully integrated refugee to be entirely constrained, even as they act, by the oppression of racist policy combined with the oppression of left-wing integrations and all-inclusive policies. It is difficult to know which is more debilitating, the refusal of one’s right to existence or the minute inclusion of every facet of that existence embedded as policy."

Link to full review HERE

Decolonial Theatre Masterclass with Patrice Naiambana (Tribal Soul Arts) 2015

Spectres of Evaluation Conference, rethinking: art/community/value (Research Assistant and Volunteer Coordinator)/ Footscray Community Arts Centre, 2014 HERE

For Review of the Melbourne Fringe Festival show HiRISE, visit HERE

“Commendable performances were from Tania who was bewitching and enchanting on stage – a real stand out!”- Eugenia Flynn

Colourfest Addressing Racism Creatively (presentation and Panalist) / Loop Project Space,  September 2013

200 Stories High: Footscray Saloon/ Playwriting Australia (PWA) October 2013 HERE

MTC to appoint women and minorities to appoint white male dominance/ The Australian, September 2013 HERE 

Emerging Cultural Leaders/ Footscray Community Arts Centre, 2013

Tutor to Tell Tails/ Dandenong Leader, April 2013 HERE

Lucida Velada Cultural/ El Espanol, Feb 2013


Untouchable/ Fresh INK blog, Feb 2013 HERE

ReDefiant/  3CR Interview with host of the Different Like Us segment,  2013  HERE

Tania's Centre Stage/ Dandenong Leader, 15 May 2012  HERE