guest speaker

International Society of the Performing Arts (ISPA), Arts Centre Melbourne, Speaker/ Panellist, 2016- Delivered a session about privilege, institutional whiteness and cultural literacy.


National Arts Learning Forum 2017- From Learner to Leader In Community Contexts (panalist)/ Footscray Community Arts Centre, November 2015

At the heart of community-driven practice is the invitation to move from learners, to leaders. Jade Lillie invites community leaders from a range of arts and non-arts specific contexts to discuss the shared space between community practice and arts learning; are they the same thing, or entirely different? What obligations do we have to support the next generation of cultural leaders and how are our programs and initiatives designed to develop leadership capabilities? How do we create opportunities for emerging leaders to navigate the ways we work? And what does it mean to work in a community engaged context and can anyone do it?  

CHAMPIONS OF CHANGE 2015 Victorian Theatre Forum (VTF) guest speaker & facilitator, 'Emerging Cultural Leader Alumni'/ Malthouse Theatre, November 2015

Practitioners Voices Forum 2014 (Panelist) 'Who's Leading Who in the Community: Aspects and Qualities of Leadership in Community'/ Footscray Community Arts Centre, April 2014 (HERE)

Colourfest Addressing Racism Creatively (presentation and Panalist) / Loop Project Space,  September 2013 (for highlights clip please visit HERE)

Unseen Habitation, Opening Night (guest speaker)/ Goodtime Studios, September 2013

Global Ideas Forum (presentation)/ University of Melbourne, August 2013

Emerging Cultural Leaders 2013 program (discussion)/ Footscray Community Arts Centre, August 2013

Diversity on Stage and Screen (Performance and Panalist)/ Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI)/ RISE Festival, 2012


Addressing Racism Creatively/ Colourest 2013

Addressing Racism Creatively/ Colourest 2013