Stolen Memories: Museums, Slavery and (De)coloniality – a Summer Graduate School, Middleburg- The Netherlands, July 2015

Selected for the research summer school that provided a specifically Latin American, African and diasporic approach to decolonial theory. There are 29 other students in this class, local students from the Netherlands as well as students from Brussels, Mexico, France Brazil, Colombia, Rwanda, South Africa and the USA.


Hemispheric Institute of Performance & Politics (NYU), New York, July 2015

Research Assistant Intern

I was invited to the institute as a Research Assistant Intern to work with our Augusto Boal video collection which ishoused at the Institute and as yet unavailable to the public.  The collection will form part of the Hemispheric Institutes Digital Library (HIDVL) and will be available at the NYU Libraries website early 2017

The Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics is a collaborative, multilingual and interdisciplinary network of institutions, artists, scholars, and activists throughout the Americas. Working at the intersection of scholarship, artistic expression and politics, the organisation explores embodied practice-performance- as a vehicle for the creation of new meaning and transmission of cultural values, memory and identity. Anchored in its geographical focus in the Americas (thus “hemispheric”) and three working languages (English, Spanish and Portuguese), the Institutes goal is to promote vibrant interactions and collaborations at the level fo scholarship, art practice and pedagogy among practitioners interested in the relationship between performance and politics in the hemisphere.